Saturday, August 23, 2014

Two Tips for Travelling with Children

I covered the first tip in my last post.tip #1, don’t travel with wasn’t it.....

Tip #1: When travelling with Children, remember that happiness really does require a lot of work!

Tip #2: If you don’t plan it ahead of won’t happen!

Yes, I learned this tip after leaving Montreal...without visiting family and friends! 

So I MUST appologize!! I’m really really really sorry!! Yes, the family and I were in Montreal and, yes, I have no excuse for not calling....

except to say that.....

I was so busy (ahead of time) planning the actual RV trip and booking the RV spots so we would get to Halifax in time to catch our flight back home.... that I didn’t plan the stay in Montreal (our first destination)....I actually didn’t plan the stay in Nova Scotia either! We had Quebec city, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island all booked and planned....Montreal and Nova Scotia is still a mystery. 

My PLAN was to “plan Montreal” when we got to Montreal.....but....

So we flew into Montreal (our flight was delayed) Tuesday night, spent the next day shopping for our RV trip and trying to figure out how we would get our RV (that we purchased with a friend in Vancouver). The dear friend and his family were driving it across Canada and planned to deliver it to us in montreal)....that was the plan....

On Thursday....we were suppose to go to Ottawa....but postponed it for Friday...then the weekend came and then we were driving to Quebec City late Sunday night...and exhausted.

What happened in Montreal??? 
I can’t wait to download and organize our pictures, so I can create some story of our visit there! 
Stay tuned!

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